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Background / History

Our Commitment

Safe Hands is committed to providing the finest professional pet and home care services available. We achieve this by always placing our clients and their pets as our highest priority. We are dedicated to being there for you and your pets in the most reliable, friendly, caring, professional and experienced manner. We strive to surpass your expectations of a professional pet care provider.

We absolutely love our jobs and take them very seriously. We understand that you are trusting us with the care of a very important part of your family and your personal property. We do not expect you to take that lightly, and neither do we. Safe Hands is Insured, Licensed, Bonded, trained in pet first aid and a member in good standing of Pet Sitter's International and the East Bay Pet Sitters Association.

Safe Hands is also committed to staying on the leading edge of the pet sitting industry practices. We subscribe to pet care periodicals, keep current on the latest pet care issues and pass relevant information on to our clients. For those clients who want them, we provide regular email report updates while you are away.

Our History

Safe Hands was founded in 2001 by Lee Pang, a true pet lover from the day she was born. Since childhood, Lee was always rescuing and caring for animals and made it her mission to find homes for strays. At a very young age Lee began helping care for her friends and neighbors pets and of course enjoying her own pets. She is certified in Pet First Aid, a member of Pet Sitter's International and the East Bay Pet Sitters Association.. After seeing how her own pets responded so favorably to pet sitting compared to being boarded, she realized the priceless value a good pet sitter can deliver to clients and their precious pets.

Lee was adamant that her pet sitting company not be run as a part time, side business but as an organization with the highest standards that could meet all of her client's needs, from delivering email reports to having back-up sitters in case of any emergency. Lee realized to care appropriately for animals her pet sitting company must be run professionally. As a previous client of pet sitters, Lee understands how critical it is for pet sitters to be extremely reliable, trustworthy and have a strong sense of love for pets. This professionalism and love for pets permeates the entire team at Safe Hands.