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"Thank you SO much for looking after Jackie. Our Safe Hands Sitter must have worked magic on her because when we came upstairs, we were expecting her to be in her usual "safe" zone -- the closet. But I walked in the bedroom and she was on the chair, relaxed, completely unfazed by our arrival. She purred almost instantly when I petted her and it's wonderful to see Jackie that comfortable. We agreed that you must have a great connection with Jackie and probably with all furry people. :) As we said when you were here, it's enough that she is fed and in great hands while we're away. It's an absolute bonus that she's so blase when we get home. It just says to us how good she feels, and nothing could make us happier when we're away from her. Thank you. You guys are simply the best! We don't know what we'd do without Safe Hands." Ingrid T.

"Safe Hands, your service is superb! In the past when I went away Sabrina stayed at home with my husband and threw up almost every day and in general seemed unhappy. When I would return she would "meow" frantically. This time she calmly met me at the door as if I had returned home from a short trip to the supermarket...and she looks great! Thank you for changing her box, caring for my plants, and disposing of an overripe tomato and milk as it became outdated. Who could ask for more?" Jeanette S.

"Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! Thanks for the excellent service." Matt M.

"It's always such a pleasure to come home and see Breezy so happy, as well as receiving our Safe Hands Sitter's lovely notes. I have fallen in love with the name BB. Right now she's happy...she's fed...and I can see as I look out the window, that she is scavenging the compost pile. What a funny girl she is! Thanks for your help as always and I appreciate you greatly....and so does BB." Carolyn P.

"Safe Hands, I want to thank you personally for your excellent and quality service. Our cats definitely were more relaxed and seemed as if we had not even been away. Usually one of them urinates on our bed to show her displeasure and this time that did not happen at all. I think you run the most caring and professional service I have ever encountered and I will be referring you to friends, co-workers and family. We travel several times a year and I can't tell you how much more enjoyable our trip was knowing our kitties were being cared for by someone who understands that they are more than "just animals" to us. They are our family. With thanks." Tara W.

"One of the most reassuring practices Safe Hands employs is the quality of reporting - the detail in the report shows time spent getting to know each of my cats; noting each one's little quirk, how much they ate, litter box attention etc. I have not always been certain other sitters really spent time - Safe Hands clearly does! THANK YOU!" Helen M.

"We got back late last night to the delight of our kitties who saw us as walking can openers available for an extra meal....they look great and are happy cats who look like they didn't miss us a bit. Thank you for the letter detailing happenings around the house and thank you for taking such great care of everything. We'll be calling on Safe Hands again for your wonderful service and recommending you to friends and clients whenever we can." Carol S.

"Our neighbors tell us that they can almost tell the time by Safe Hands Dog Walker's visits. Cleo adores her dog walker, and goes tail wagging to greet her (if she's not in mid-nap when the walker arrives). We have only great things to say about Safe Hands', and all of the staff that we have had contact with or who has helped out with walks when our regular walker is on vacation. I recommend your service to friends and colleagues whenever the opportunity arises." Denise T.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter is absolutely great! I am so impressed with the office's ability to always get back to me promptly. We are very grateful to have found Safe Hands." Elizabeth R.

"We are very impressed and happy with the quality of service that Safe Hands provides. This was the first time we had left for a weekend getaway and were concerned about leaving Ares all by herself. However, when we returned, we found a very happy and playful cat. We know that this attitude is due to the loving and attentive care that Safe Hands gave to our baby while we were gone. Knowing Ares was being well cared for and played with allowed me to enjoy my weekend too! We will never leave home without our Safe Hands Sitter! Thanks!" Corina R.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter was great with my cats. She was professional and was wonderful in providing updates, creating a report & attending to her tasks. I am very pleased to recommend Safe Hands to others and to use the service again!" Patrick P.

"Callie was soooo happy to see us! She ran right out of the bedroom and started purring. She seemed great. Not as scared or confused as in the past when we left her with someone else. Thank you so much for our Safe Hands Sitter's care and support. I am really attached to my little Callie and am so happy to have found Safe Hands who takes such good care of her!" Erika S.

"Very professional service. I didn't believe it was possible that my cats could be any more spoiled but your service proved me wrong! Very happy with the result." Tchell D.

"Thanks for taking such great care of Bear while we were away. We loved reading the letter from our Safe Hands Sitter and hearing about your adventures with Bear in the neighborhood. Bear was in great spirits when we returned. We look forward to working with Safe Hands again in the future". Ron S.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter did a nice job on Scooter & Sammie. Their coat seemed very soft and full. They did not feel abandoned during my vacation. The report and general confidence in honesty of staff was excellent. So far I would rate Safe Hands #1!" Sherie R.

"The other pet sitters we have used were very good, but they simply do not compare to Safe Hands and their Sitter. We especially appreciate how tidy our apartment was when we returned! Penelope and Tinkerbell were so relaxed when we got back. We could tell they'd had excellent care and attention. The Sitter's updates were detailed and funny. We could tell she was giving the girls really individualized and loving attention and this gave us total peace of mind. Thank you!" Amanda W.

"I felt I was in very professional hands with your service. You thought of everything including back up plans and Stormy really seemed to like our Safe Hands Sitter." Emily S.

"I got back just fine tonight and the cats look like they are in great shape - happy and not nervous at all. Betsy came out right away, which she has never done before when I've been traveling. I'm very glad to hear she felt comfortable enough with our Safe Hands Sitter to come out while you were here. Thanks so much for looking after them so well! " Erica P.

"Thank you - we are so glad to have found you and will recommend you to others about your pet care services. When we met with our Safe Hands Sitter, we felt very comfortable and trusted her with our house and our precious pets!" Carol S.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter did a great job! Gracie and Angel even seemed disappointed when I walked through the door that I wasn't their sitter! Her emails really took a weight off my mind since I was so far away. From her descriptions of my cats' behavior I could tell she was really spending quality time with them and really getting to know them. She's a hard act to follow now that I am back home!" Laurelin R.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter was fantastic with our dog, Friday. I liked working with the whole Safe Hands team. Friday, our dog, was the happiest I have ever seen her upon our return!" Jena R.

"We returned 30 minutes ago and found Neko greeting us at the door and happy to see us. Her purring assured us that she was well cared for and everything was normal as if we had never left. Thank you for taking such good care of her. We are most pleased with the care you provided. Neko is already sitting on my desk as I write this email to you. She thanks you too!" Jun M.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter did an amazing job taking care of Luna and Stella. They were pretty "eh" about seeing me when I got back - which is great! I could tell they weren't attention starved and our sitter did a great job caring for them. I will definitely use Safe Hands services again in the future." Rachel T.

"You guys are awesome all the way! It is a great relief to have found a professional establishment I can trust to call when I will go out of town. It is great for Nala and it gives me a lot more freedom." Heather J.

"We just got back, and Corky seem very happy and well cared for....thank you so much for the note and everything. We were so pleased with everything, and plan on contacting you again very, very soon to schedule another day so we can ski again. We've been slow in finding someone to help us "get away", and I'm so glad we finally did something and found you. Safe Hands did a superb job and we are all very happy." Owen F.

"Safe Hands, Thank you very much for all that you've done for Max and Gracie while I was on vacation. This was the first time I've left them and I'm delighted that they were happy, healthy and well taken care of when I returned. I couldn't be happier with the care you've given them and really appreciate the email updates along the way. It is an absolute pleasure to work with your staff because they are so qualified, professional and dedicated. I think that Gracie and Max will consider having you care for them at Christmas time as that would be the best present they could receive!" Melissa S.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter's attitude and written reports showed that she cared for animals in general and that she took my kitties temperament and needs into consideration. She tailored her interaction with my kitties accordingly and they really enjoyed their playtime and brushing sessions!" Marlys W.

"Thank you for your very sweet and informative emails, but especially thank you for taking such good care of our boys! They are indeed WONDERFULLY HAPPY, and I can't tell what a complete relief it was to vacation and not be worried about them and feel like a Bad Mom. Thank you so much. And thank you for taking care of the fish as well, and the mail and garbage - SafeHands provides such a wonderful, comforting service." Janet O.

"The critters are always so settled when I come home, glad to see me, but not anxious. It makes me feel so much comfortable when traveling to know they are being so well cared for and with such love." Pat H.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter was awesome from start to finish. She has a wonderful love for cats." Megumi T.

"I'm home -- got in last night as expected. I stretched out on the couch with my laptop to send Safe Hands an email last night, and Stevie promptly settled in on my chest so that I couldn't write. He fell asleep, as you reported he'd done to you :) This morning, I resumed my position to send you this email, and Smudge came in and jumped on my chest. He started purring as if he were going to bed down and cudle and thwart my email efforts, but as usual, he got antsy (pun intended) and took off to scratch at the kitchen cupboard. So here I am, safe and sound, and deeply in love with my boys. Thank you, Safe Hands, for doing such a wonderful job. You folks are a real blessing; I continue to be supremely impressed by your thoroughness and considerateness. And I love your letters and reports." Mary H.

"Thanks for the update. I didn't realized how much I used to worry about them when I traveled until now when I'm having the pleasure of reading your emails. I feel like I'm there! And I can tell by the way they are playing with you and following you around that this has been good for them as well. I have a lot to live up to when I get back! " Laurelin R.

"I could tell that China seemed much more secure and less needy when we returned from a trip. We also appreciate the long detailed notes the Sitter left for us on our return. We will use your service again and again. Thanks!" Rebekah H.

"Freddy used to "act out" before by pooping on my bed or some other unwanted location when I had someone else cared for him. He did not do that this time so he must have had a splendid time with our Safe Hands Sitter! " Robin D.

"Safe Hands Pet Care is fantastic! They come and walk my pug Pious every day. They always leave a note about their visit. Most importantly, they love my dog. He is always happy and relaxed when I come home." Andrea F.

"I really liked having email contact with our Safe Hands Sitter to discuss the loose ends. Also, the initial meeting was very important to me. I knew when I saw my sitter with Girlcat, and heard about his genuine love for animals, that she was in very good hands. Of course I thought about her while I was away, but I didn't worry about her. Thank You, Safe Hands, for helping make it a great holiday weekend. And thanks for keeping Girlcat company. She was much less stressed out than she normally is when we go away. Much Appreciation!" Amy L. & Girlcat

"Thanks so much for taking care of Toby while we were gone! We couldn't have been more pleased with the service you provided. We loved the e-mail updates and the place was spotless when we returned." Ben S.

"I am home after a wonderful trip. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to go away and know that the kids are well cared for." Malcolm H.

"Thank-you so much for your help! Marvin and Ziggy definitely seemed happier than usual when I returned -- and Marvin did not pee on the bed which he ALWAYS does when I leave them with other people (or within 15 minutes of my walking in the door! ;^) I really appreciate your help, you went "above & beyond the call of duty' and, most importantly, the boys were well taken care of." Michael P.

"This is an extremely valuable service. I appreciate that Luna was being well taken care of with her specific needs in mind. Thank you for taking such good care of her!" Saleena G.

"My sister and I could tell the dogs were well cared for. They were happy and not stressed. We will certainly use your service again and recommend you. Thanks for everything!" Hanna P.

"I have used four different services over the past 10 years and Safe Hands surpassed all. Thank you so much!" Ron K.

"THANK YOU! The cats were happier than usual upon my return. I will definitely use your service again!" Michael G.

"A lot of things went wrong in May from a runaway car destroying my patio to an unexpected trip out of town turning into a blinding sand storm. BUT one thing went right - Safe Hands! You did a great job! Thank you very much." Ken H.

"Nala was very contented when I got home. Still with a ball in her mouth wanting to play. I still think she was waiting for our Safe Hands Sitter to walk through the door and not me :-) I had a great trip and it gave me great peace of mind getting the email updates. I will definitely use your services in the future." Heather J.

"Just a heartfelt "THANK YOU" for making your Pet Sitting services available to us. If we are enthusiastic in our praise, it is because we know (from experience) how hard it is to find the combination of competence & compassion you seem to have. Safe Hands Pet Care is just great!" Ingrid T.

"Very pleased! Will definitely refer to others." Gabriela F.

"We are thrilled! We have never come home to such happy cats before - they were obviously very well cared for in our absence. We will use Safe Hands every time we travel in the future!" Ann J.

"My cat Laki is a really tough case. He gets very distressed when I am away. The Safe Hands sitter did an excellent job putting in extra efforts and it really seemed to make a difference. Thanks very much!" Robert H.

"It was the first time I have used you at recommendation of our vet and I loved your reliability. Made me feel very relaxed and not worried while I was gone. Thank you for giving me that feeling of confidence!" Gloria E.

"I was very impressed with your thoroughness and attention to detail in my initial phone conversation with Safe Hands office. Then the meeting with the Sitter was very positive - I was impressed with her professional and caring manner and felt comfortable having her care for my kitties and home while we were away." Vivian L.

"Thanks for your services - we always know Carmela is in good hands when we travel. She so looks forward to her daily belly rubs!" Cheryl and Lee P.

"Our cats were very relaxed when we arrived home. They seemed to fall in love with Safe Hands Pet Sitter very quickly. The Sitter was also very conscientious and followed our directions. This made us feel very confident in Safe Hands looking out for our cats and our property." Marita S.

"I missed my kids a lot while I was gone. It felt good knowing that our Safe Hands Sitter is in love with them too! Now I know my kitties are in great hands." Jennifer F.

"Everything went so smoothly. Our Safe hands Sitter bonded quickly with our menagerie. I could tell they were much happier when we returned. And believe me, the Siamese part of my cats will let me know if they aren't happy! Thanks!" Mary O.

"When we came home from our trip our three kitties were completely relaxed and behaved as always. It was so good to know that we had Safe Hands taking care of them, which enabled us to have a completely carefree vacation. Thanks again for everything!" Danny Z.

"We had a great experience! Everyone at Safe Hands was so responsive and nice. I appreciate being able to call a central number but also to meet my individual Sitter. Thanks again!" Betsy R.

"Thank you a million times - I feel like I found a treasure chest! I will recommend you to my friends. I did not worry once about my pets once I met our Safe Hands Sitter. And how responsive she was to my cats and them to her." Cassandra C.

"We're happy to nominate Safe Hands - I really appreciate how your small team really care about our babies and provide customer service that is above and beyond." Trish H.

"Our Safe Hands Walker has taken a great approach with Cali - giving her a great work-out in the short time she has her. Neighbors are also mentioning how responsible she is in approaching other dogs, etc. I love her! And so does Cali! I can tell by the fact that they run up the street with the leash in Cali's mouth - and also by the way Cali smiles for me at night." Anne M.

"Thank you Safe Hands for taking such good care of Isabella and Suki while I was away. Usually they remain a bit distant the day I return as an expression of their discontent, but this time it was as if I was just returning from the day's work." Steven G.

"I was very pleased with the attention our Safe Hands Sitter gave Chloe and Daphne . When I arrived home, they did not seem stressed at all. Thank you for providing a CARING caregiver." Jill B.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful care of my kitties! It's so nice to hear that our Safe Hands Sitter was getting nose kisses and affection from them! I absolutely love all you write to me about my kitties, all the cute things they're doing. They are really completely fine and normal when I return, and that is so relieving." Karin M.

"Very professional & organized, unlike other services I have used." Kay A.

"We returned home last night, and found Inky and Indie happy and content, though glad to see us. They seem much more content than when I have left them in the past with someone else. Your letter really described each one of them perfectly." John C.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter was wonderful! I felt much better that such a gentle dog lover was taking care of my 10 year old Jenna. The office manager was also very comforting and was a big part of my choosing Safe Hands." Reina K.

"Great service and a BIG difference on how well adjusted my kitties were when I returned. Also, a big difference in my peace of mind!" Sam L.

"Thanks a million to our Safe Hands Sitter for her good care of Skinny and Mr. Peepers! I loved the email and the written report she left me. She was very sweet and good to my kitties." Noreen W.

"We saw our Safe Hands Sitter the day I got home at Petco and Gracie was delighted to see her -wagging/licking etc. So I can tell they bonded and that was such a relief. I loved your service! Thank you so much!" Kirsten K.

"I was very impressed with how organized you are and our Safe Hands Sitter took personal care of my cats. Her emails to me reassured me that all was well. The cats were much more settled and happy when I came back. Thank you!" Patricia B.

"We are so happy to have found your service. Our Safe Hands Sitter is great! Her detailed email updates gave us peace of mind knowing how well our three hooligans were. We can't wait to go away again now that we know Safe Hands. Thank you!" Deborah R.

"Your professional pet care is just what we were looking for. Our Safe Hands Sitter did a perfect job! We hope to use you again as you really understood our cat and gave excellent care." Stella H.

"THANK YOU so much for taking care of Alfalfa and Duncan; they were happy as clams when we got home. I can always tell when you visit-- as our cats aren't needy for attention in the least!" Wendy W.

"I got home safe this morning and found Lucille in great spirits. Thanks so much for taking such good care of her. The cats outside seemed happy and healthy (particularly for ferals!) as well. You did a wonderful job and I truly appreciate it." Victor L.

"I really appreciate the attention to detail. Safe Hands is extremely efficient and extremely professional!" Gayle M.

"We are so glad that you are enjoyed Sam and Max. They were very happy when I got home so I know they are had a great time with our Safe Hands Sitter. It is great to know they are happy and get such great care. Thanks!" Cady B.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter was excellent - Maisie obviously enjoyed her company. Safe Hands was extremely responsible and left the house in great condition." Juliet C.

"We have always had a sitter who stayed in the house. So, I was pleasantly surprised that Tashi was much the same when we got back. Getting feed back while we were away was a nice touch." Shelley A.

"Thank you Safe Hands for your wonderful care of KitKat! She is so happy when we arrived home today ' and not upset as she has been in the past when we left. I can see you did a terrific job and she is content and happy! Thanks again so much! We know who to call on the next time we are planning a trip out of town. I especially thank you for your letter on the table! It was so good to know how things went! That is a good sign that KitKat rolled on her belly for you! She only does that with people she trusts and really likes! BRAVO!!" Anne R.

"We were very pleased with the care our Safe Hands Sitter provided for our cats and we had a complete peace of mind during our vacation. Thank you for your excellent service." Eleonore

"When we got home, we immediately noticed that both cats' fur was glossy and smooth from brushing. They seemed happy to see us, like the time we were gone wasn't too bad!" Joanie A.

"Thank you again Safe Hands for your wonderful care of Anansi and our home. Usually he acts skittish and angry when we get home but this time it just seemed like any other day!" Stacey B.

"You guys were great! And I am glad Penny liked you so much as you did her." Jean W.

"Thank you so much for caring for Eva while we were in New Orleans. We had a wonderful time and it was great not having to worry about Eva while we were away. We have another short trip coming up and will be contacting Safe Hands again to schedule visits for Eva very soon." Richard F.

"I was so happy that my kitties seemed so calm and unstressed when I got back. Our Safe Hands Sitter was very kind. Thank you all!" Nancy B.

"Great service, great personnel! I love your reports via email. I look forward to working with Safe Hands again. You are awesome!" Brain C.

"Everytime Safe Hands' sitter cares for our girl, when we come home, she acts like we never left and that is just the way we want it (no spiteful stares). Thank you as always, Safe Hands Rock!" Carol S.

"I felt very comfortable leaving the pets with our Safe Hands Sitter. They were happier when we got home then they have been in the past. I did not worry about them while I was away (I still missed them though)!" Nicolle L.

"Just wanted to drop you a note telling you how glad I am to have enlisted your help in caring for my little Lola. Your sweet, sincere notes make my day. It makes me feel so good to know she's in Safe Hands." Leah S.

"We are very happy to have found you! Your reporting process is wonderful - we are not worried about traveling any longer! Safe Hands the best!" John D.

"I appreciate your service very much. The peace of mind of knowing the pets are being cared for and someone is keeping an eye on the house means a lot!" Laurie B.

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my kitties and the house. The email updates made me feel good while we were gone. You helped to make the vacation, and I thank you again for Safe Hands' personal care and attention." Pat B.

"I am extremely pleased with the care you provided to Lucie and Sammy - I know they were in good hands! Thank you very much for taking care of them." Patricia I.

"Safe Hands' Sitter was great with George and Pee Wee. I enjoyed the email updates and my pets were happy while I was gone. Thanks again!" Natalie L.

"The report waiting for us was great and was helpful at putting us at ease about leaving Sneakers with a sitter next time. He was well adjusted and happy. Thanks so much!" Lisa S.

"Safe Hands sitter was wonderful for Sadie. Everything was in order when we got home and Sadie seemed very happy. The sitter went the extra mile for us!" Joshua L.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of Rocco. We were so happy to hear that he showed no signs of anxiety about our separation. Your letter and e-mail were so wonderful. It is nice to know that we can leave town and not feel that Rocco is missing out of anything while we are gone." Teresa B.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter did a great job! She paid attention to even the smallest details and the report was a great comfort. We love your service!" Greg D.

"We are really glad to have found Safe Hands. The Sitter was great and we will definitely call for your service again!" Sarah C.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter was wonderful and the boys seemed happy. The follow up note was real nice too! We will need to contact you again soon for services. Thanks!" Ray C.

"Safe Hands professionalism combined with obvious affection for cats gave me great peace of mind while I was traveling. Everything looked great when I returned and Xanadu, my kitty, was glad to see me and not traumatized from my absence. Thanks!" Martha D.

"Thank you so much for taking care of Bisou and Sho-Sho! It is nice to know the kitties are happy and healthy while we are away. We will surely use your services again in the near future." Kim L.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter did a good job. Simba seems very content and well looked after and the report was very complete." Betsy V.

"I love LOVE Safe Hands. They have been watching our fur-daughter Ares at our home for about 3 or 4 years now when we're out of town. This Christmas was the first time we wouldn't be taking Ares with us ... I was very sad, but Safe Hands was extra nice and supportive about it. They even leave great reports for us when we get home from our trip. I highly recommend Safe Hands for all pet lovers!" Corina P.

"I am impressed by your professionalism and concern for Jake's welfare. I am glad our Safe Hands Sitter enjoyed spending time with him!" Randy E.

"Thank you very much for the excellent care of the birds! Your updates were great and it was so nice to know that the birds were in such good hands while we were away." Kelly S.

"Safe Hands sitter did a great job. She was proactive in noticing details like plants that need watering that we forgot to mention. Her report made it really clear that she had spent a good amount of time getting to know Arabella and Chibuku." Colette Z.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter is fantastic! I feel certain that my babies physical as well as their social and emotional needs will be well cared for. Safe Hands also makes me feel that my home will be safe as well." Karin M.

"I felt very comfortable leaving my pets in Safe Hands. I think the Sitter did a great job! Thanks!" Mary P.

"We have arrived home safely and were warmly greeted by Miss Miso. Thank you for the fabulous job and the sweet care you gave Miso and the others. Thank you for everything and we appreciated the detailed note as well!" Alyson M.

"I immediately liked the professionalism and friendliness of our Safe Hands Sitter. I appreciated her genuine concern for my pet's well being!" Janine H.

"Our Safe Hands Sitter did a great job! She kept us up to date and Lucy seemed better than when we have left her alone in the past. Thank You!" Kevin W.