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How to Select a Pet Sitter

The Company

  • Should be Licensed, Bonded & Insured and exhibit courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with customers
  • Conducts business with honesty and integrity
  • Responds to client inquiries and complaints promptly and keeps regular office hours
  • Has contingency plan for pet care in case the Pet Sitter experiences illness/car trouble/ natural disaster/inclement weather
  • Provides reputable references
  • Diligently screens ALL Sitters and performs thorough background checks

The Sitter

  • Should visit the client's home for an initial introductory meeting to meet you and your pets; and displays a positive attitude during this initial meeting
  • Interacts well with your pet, is comfortable and competent in dealing with your pets' routine, and has substantial knowledge on pet care
  • Should exemplify they are clearly mindful of your pets' safety and well being
  • Should illustrate they have thoughtful regards for your pet's care and routine by asking lots of questions and taking detailed notes
  • Provides a service contract that specifies all services, policies and fees
  • Provides a contract to authorize veterinary care for your pet if needed
  • Furnishes an evaluation card for clients upon completion of the first assignment
  • Should request that each client confirm, via email or phone, their return and that the pets are safe and healthy