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Frequently Asked Questions

I never used a pet sitter before. How can I make sure I am getting a trustworthy, dependable organization to care for my pet(s) and property?

We understand the responsibility of caring for your pets and property - we take this responsibility very seriously. Safe Hands is a licensed company with specific pet sitting insurance and bonding. We are a member in good standing with well established organizations such as Pet Sitters International and the East Bay Pet Sitters Association. All client keys are coded without name or address for security and kept in a locked safe. Our vehicles do not have signs or logos which helps prevent people from knowing when you are away. And we are happy to provide a list of local references so that you can hear from other Safe Hands' clients who are thrilled to have found us.Listen to what our clients have to say about Safe Hands. Local Veterinarian Hospitals highly recommend us as well.

What does Safe Hands typically provide for a client when they are out of town

Our standard client requests 1-3 visits per day, each visit can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending upon their pet's needs. During each visit the Safe Hands pet sitter will provide fresh water, feed your pet(s) the food of your choice, clean up the litter box and/or cage, provide medication and any special dietary needs. Most importantly, we also give your pet lots of companionship, sweet talk, exercise and belly rubs. Safe Hands sitters will also look after your home by bringing in your mail and newspapers, alternate lights and curtains and set out the garbage for collection to give your house a lived in appearance while you are away. We will also care for your houseplants.

Does Safe Hands also provide scheduled walks or visits when I am in town but just too busy working or doing other things?

Yes, our clients often use us on a regular scheduled basis to walk or care for their pets. This is a great way to ensure your pets have a healthy routine potty and meal break when you are at work or away from you home for long periods of time. Puppies and kittens especially benefit from the extra attention and socialization which helps both eliminate aggression and reinforces good "potty manners".

What type of pets does Safe Hands care for?

We love all pets and will care for many different types of critters. Safe Hands will care for most pets as long as they do not pose a danger to us and do not have a history of biting or attacking other animals or people. We believe each pet is unique so let's talk and discuss your pet's needs.

How do I know my pets are doing well while I am away?

Safe Hands can either email you reports regarding your pets while you are traveling or we can call a prearranged number from your house while we are at your home. You can decide what works best for you.

What areas do you serve?

Currently Safe Hands serves parts of Oakland, Berkeley, Kensington, Albany, El Cerrito, Piedmont, Montclair, Rockridge, Lake Merritt and Jack London Please contact us if you have would like to inquire about availability in your specific area.

I was told that Safe Hands doesn't have coverage in my area at the moment even though I'm close to your office address/BART/friend who is a client, etc. How does that work?

As much as we would love to help everyone who requests care from Safe Hands, our coverage areas is determined by where our team members live, not our mailing address. We are proud to have earned an excellent reputation and have a wonderful clientele who expect the absolute best pet care. We always try to have at least two sitters overlapping each area so that in the event of an emergency, one of our team members will be near and able to care for your pets. This self-imposed requirement for emergency coverage as well as our desire to keep rates competitive by limiting the amount of driving between client visits, means there are some areas of the East Bay that Safe Hands unfortunately will just not be able to take new clients. Although we usually have openings in most locations, we also extend our existing clients priority over our schedules which can limit the number of new clients we are able to take - especially during high demand times like holidays and parts of the summer. To provide top notch care, we also do not take BART or ride a bike to any client visit just in case an emergency should arise we can transport the pet to a nearby vet. If for any reason we have to turn down a new client request for pet care, we will always provide a list of alternate resources.

What are your rates?

Our visits are all time based (30 minute/45 minute/60 minute, etc.) depending upon your pet family's needs. Since we are so well established and have many long term clients, Safe Hands is able to keep rates very competitively priced while our clients enjoy absolutely superior service. Please call or email us regarding your specific pet needs and we will be happy to provide you a quote.

I have a few special items at my house that I also would like you to take care of (swimming pool, outdoor plants, yard/garden etc). Will Safe Hands do these for me as well as providing care for my pets?

Absolutely! Safe Hands will be happy to customize our services to your needs as much as possible. Just give us a call and lets discuss how we can help and we will give you a quote on how much more time will be needed for the additional service.

What are the next steps, how do I make a reservation?

We provide a free introductory meeting with each of our new clients before we begin any assignment. We firmly believe it is necessary for you and your precious pets to get to know Safe Hands and discuss your pets' specific needs. It is absolutely important that both you and the sitter or 100% comfortable with the meeting and the arrangements. Please call us at 510-528-7870 or use our online schedule an introductory meeting form.