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Advantages of Safe Hands

Many veterinarians suggest pets stay at home instead of being boarded as research demonstrates that animals are most comfortable in a familiar environment. This allows pets to eat, sleep and play in their own space surrounded by their favorite toys, smells, sounds, etc. By providing their regular diet, digestive problems can be avoided and there is no risk of your pet(s) catching any disease or parasites from other animals in a kennel.

Advantages for Pets

  • Remain comfortable and stress free in their own home, their favorite place and not in a cage
  • Maintain regular eating, sleeping and exercising routines
  • Avoid exposure to illness and stress from other animals
  • Not traumatized by travel to foreign surroundings
  • Receive lots of loving and personal attention while you are away

Advantages for Pet Owners

  • The peace of mind knowing your pet(s) are in professional, loving Safe Hands
  • Do not be inconvenienced or upset by transporting or boarding your pet(s)
  • Make no imposition on friends, family or neighbors
  • Enjoy receiving current reports about your pet(s) via email while you are away
  • Get a warm happy welcome at your house from your pet(s) immediately upon your arrival
  • Feel secure that your house is being professionally looked after and maintained