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How to Be a Better Client

Prior To Each Assignment

Schedules are important!

Make your reservations as far in advance as possible, especially prior to holidays. Remember to notify Safe Hands office if you are coming home later or earlier than expected. This will allow the pet sitter to plan for extra visits or serve other clients. Communicate with your sitter and provide all updated information. Notify your sitter by email or call the Safe Hands office if your instructions or plans change, once you are away. Provide your contact information and travel itinerary to Safe Hands office prior to each pet-sitting assignment so we know how to best get in touch with you when needed. Inform the pet sitter if there are contractors working on the house and list their names and phone numbers. Also, alert us if the garbage disposal or toilet is broken and should not be used.

Preparation Before You Go

  • Buy extra food, litter, medication and supplies just in case you are away longer than expected.
  • If your pet is prone to chew, please leave "chew toys" and take proper precautions to guard your personal items and home furnishings from his teeth while you are away.
  • Make sure your dog's collar fits properly and includes an identification tag.
  • Leave a piece of clothing that you have recently worn on your pet's favorite bed so there is a familiar smell and a reminder of you.
  • Consider leaving a radio on timer to keep your pet company and to deter crime.
  • Be sure to provide a fresh litter box to begin with. Your Safe Hands Sitter will scoop the box each time they come, but shouldn't be expected to clean up accumulation prior to your absence.
  • We will pick up any and all excrement on every visit unless otherwise agreed. Client must have all accumulated dog poop removed by the start of any assignment.
  • Wash any dirty dishes to prevent ants and other pests, to avoid smelly food spoilage that causes bacteria & mold, and to make the sink free for the sitter.
  • For the comfort of your pet, adjust your thermostat before leaving on your trip and advise your pet sitter within what range to keep it. A closed-up home can get uncomfortably hot in a short time.

Pet Proofing Tips

  • Never leave your pet in a garage. Too many toxic substance (antifreeze, fertilizers etc.) may be stored there. If you feel it's absolutely necessary to leave your pet in the garage, make sure to pet proof it first.
  • Household cleansers, furniture polishes, perfumes and make-up can be very dangerous to dogs. Make sure cupboards containing these items are secured as a bored or determined dog can go "where they've never gone before." Clean up anything that might be accidentally swallowed by your pet (ribbons, thread, pill bottles, Christmas tree tinsel etc).
  • Close ALL toilet lids in accessible bathrooms. The residue of toilet cleaner can be toxic to pets & closing them also prevents kitties from falling into the toilet bowl, where they may need help to get out.
  • Remove candy and nuts from coffee tables or locations where a pet can reach them. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and nuts can be dangerous as well.

Safety Precaution For Your Home

  • Make sure Safe Hands is aware of anyone who may be on your premises or entering your home during the pet-sitting assignment. Provide them with each other's name and phone number.
  • To create homier feel for your pet, use timers on interior lights to go on at dusk and off at bedtime. If evening visits are scheduled to your home, the pet sitter will really appreciate if sensors are setup on exterior lights so they will not walk up to a completely dark house - it is a safety precaution as well.
  • Make sure all doors, windows & outside gates are locked. Secure all window screens for hot summer ventilation.
  • Advise your security company that Safe Hands will be visiting your home and provide them with the Safe Hands phone number.
  • Unplug any electrical appliances that will not be used to prevent injury to pets.
  • Inform your neighbors of your absence and provide them with the Safe Hands phone number. If your neighbor is planning on coming by the house, provide them a key instead of hiding it.

Reporting You Are Home Safe

We worry about your pets so it is critical that you notify us soon after you return home, by phone or email. If we do not receive word that you have arrived safely and have resumed care for your pets, we will make an extra visit to make sure that their care is provided for. This visit will be charged at the contracted rate.